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 Fan Talk is a place where fan's are able,

  • Rant and Rave
  • Share their event experiences
  • Share breaking & current team news
  • Talk in a chat like environment with other fans
  • Upload photo's from their event experiences with friends
  • Tell their friends where they will be sitting at the next event


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By clicking on the BUY TICKETS button, you will be able to access hundred's of ticketing options for all home & away Toronto Maple Leaf games.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please click on the CONTACT US button at the bottom of this page.


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Have extra tickets for sale? List your tickets with Tailor Events Canada Inc and get them advertised to thousands of potential buyers.

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Tailor Events Canada is pleased to offer Toronto Maple Leaf tickets packages to suit your needs. We offer a variety of different Toronto Maple Leaf tickets packages starting from just $550.00.

Our Toronto Maple Leaf ticket packages include 5 games, 9 games, 12 games & 21 game packs. 

The advantages to buying a Toronto Maple Leafs ticket package are,

  • Pick the games you want to attend
  • Share the package with a friend, family member, colleague
  • Know where you are going to be sitting ahead of team. Tell your friends and co-workers.
  • Better pricing structure then purchasing tickets on a game by game basis 

You can browse our Toronto Maple Leaf ticket package clicking on the LEAF PACKAGES button above.



Tailor Events Canada has access to private executive suites inside of the Air Canada Centre. We offer Toronto Maple Leaf executive suite packages each year to our clients. The executive suites we work with in general are located in the 200 level area of the Air Canada Centre.

Executive suites inside of the Air Canada Centre come with 12 tickets, a hostess & great view of the game. An executive suite holds up to 20 people comortably. Catering for the executive suite is available. Food & beverages may be ordered in advance right up to 24 hours prior to a game.

The best reasons to purchase an executive suite at the Air Canada Centre for a Toronto Maple Leafs game,

  • Hosting many clients at one time
  • Private area for you and your guests
  • Great for birthdays, celebrations
  • Hosting your top employee's


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Buying or selling season tickets for The Toronto Maple Leafs? Let us take care of everything. We have over 30 years experience in dealing with Toronto Maple Leaf tickets and access to many different seating options.

Advantages to selling your season tickets:

  • Able to free up your cash flow
  • No risk of losing money on your investment
  • Make money by selling us your season tickets
  • Creating a lasting relationship with honest industry professionals
  • Will not have to worry about forgetting to distribute individual games

Advantages to purchasing season tickets:

  • Able to host your top clients & employee's
  • Great gift idea
  • Great charitable giveaway
  • Experience exciting Toronto Maple Leaf action all season
  • Distribute when and how you choose
  • The potential to save thousands of dollars if you are a frequent buyer of Leaf tickets


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 Looking to purchase a Maple Leaf personal seat license? Maybe you would like to sell your own?

Tailor Events Canada Inc is interested in helping you either way.

We allow our clients to list their Toronto Maple Leaf personal seat license through us which in turn is advertised on the internet to millions of potential buyers.

Advantages to buying a personal seat license,

  • Great investment.
  • Great for passing down to family
  • Be a proud owner of season tickets for The Toronto Maple Leafs
  • All big corporate companies should own PSL's


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Take a look at the current Toronto Maple Leafs roster by clicking the ROSTER link above.



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Take a look at the history of The Toronto Maple Leafs by clicking the TEAM HISTORY button above.